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  • What is Wellwork?
    Introducing Wellwork, the ultimate app for mindful productivity. Stay on top of your workday with features such as time tracking and goal setting. Stay hydrated and maintain your caffeine intake with easy-to-use tracking tools. Practice mindfulness and reduce stress with breathing exercises and note-taking prompts. All while knowing your data is secure and private with Wellwork's safe and reliable platform. Start your journey towards a balanced and productive lifestyle today.
  • Is it free?
    Yes! You can use Wellwork completely for free. Consider buying Wellwork Premium (one-time purchase) to support the development of the app and unlock all features.
  • Is my device supported?
    Generally, if you have an iPhone with iOS 14 and higher, you are good to go! In case of doubt, visit the AppStore for more details.
  • How does Wellwork treat my data?
    Rest easy with our app knowing that your data is always kept private and secure. We do not collect any information about our users, and all your data stays on your iPhone or in your private iCloud container, giving you complete control and peace of mind.
  • How to change status of my goal?
    Tap on the status tag and choose from one of the statuses: 'To Do', 'In Progress', or 'Done'
  • How do I sync data between my Apple devices?
    The data is automatically synced between your Apple devices that use the same Apple ID. Your data is stored in your private iCloud container which only you have access to.
  • Why should I choose Wellwork Premium?
    With Premium, you can support the app in the best way and you get access to following features: Track you caffeine and water intake Stay focused on your priorities and track your progress with guided prompts in the Notes section Get access to the knowledge base and articles on Mindfulness at work Lift the limit on your time-tracking data exports (limited to 30 days without Premium) No ads. At all A secure sync between Apple devices with iCloud
  • Is Premium a subscription?
    Premium is a one-time purchase: you pay once, get access to all features forever. No additional charges or recurring payments.
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