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Do you consume too much caffeine?

Caffeine can be great in giving you a boost and helping you start your day. Too much caffeine, however, will increase your anxiety level, worsen your focus, and hurt your sleep — the opposite of what you would want to achieve. Here are some important points to bear in mind when you drink coffee during the day.

The maximum amount of caffeine depends on your age and health condition

For example, if you often have high blood pressure, you should consult a doctor for a recommended daily caffeine intake. As a rule of thumb, adults should not exceed a daily dose of 400 mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to three large cups of black coffee. If you drink more than that, it can have a negative influence on your health.

For example, too much caffeine can cause high blood pressure, a precursor to heart disease. Moreover, drinking excessive amounts of coffee can cause side effects like dizziness, shakiness, headache, or abnormal heartbeat.

There are many other sources of caffeine besides the coffee

Caffeine can be naturally found in the fruit, leaves, and beans of coffee, cacao, and guarana plants. There is also caffeine in tea, and it is often added to beverages and supplements. There is a risk of drinking excessive amounts of caffeinated beverages like soda and energy drinks because they are taken chilled and are easy to digest quickly in large quantities. Therefore, it is important that you try to keep track of all the beverages you drink during the day if you think they can contain caffeine. Luckily, you can easily do this with the Wellwork App :)

Is there a lethal dose of caffeine?

There are no reasons to worry here. It is generally assumed that the lethal dose of caffeine is about 10 grams. This corresponds to about 70 big cups of coffee, 125 energy drinks, or 200 cups of tea. Although you would hardly reach that dose with traditional caffeine sources, you should still make sure that you keep your caffeine intake at a reasonable level.

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