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your ultimate work companion

Wellwork is a mindful productivity app — bring wellbeing and awareness into your work structure and improve your workdays, reduce stress and anxiety, and become more productive in a natural way

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More features coming in the future!


Track time


Set daily goals


Track your caffeine


Do breathing exercises


And more!

The idea of Wellwork

Wellwork is an app that focuses on the well part of your work life. There is a lot of material and apps out there on how to be productive, but basically nothing on how to just feel well every work day. Wellwork aims to cover that part.

A playful person feeling well after using Wellwork

How Wellwork helps

How It Works
An art showing work process with Wellwork

Establish a check in-check out routine with Wellwork. This will give you a clear structure on when to start your work day and when to fully switch to rest. Clear boundaries and no overtime will improve your general wellbeing and help you enjoy your work life more.

Track work time

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