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Wellwork :
the mindful productivity app

About Us

Take care of your mental well-being at work with Wellwork. Our app helps you establish a structured workday routine with mindful activities that reduce stress and anxiety and improve productivity.

By the way, Wellwork is free.

Mindful workday routines for a healthier and happier you.

Introducing Wellwork, the ultimate app for mindful productivity. Stay on top of your workday with features such as time tracking and goal setting. Stay hydrated and maintain your caffeine intake with easy-to-use tracking tools. Practice mindfulness and reduce stress with breathing exercises and note-taking prompts.


All while knowing your data is secure and private, as it stays only on your device.


Start your journey towards a balanced and productive lifestyle today.


Track work time

Establish a healthy work routine with Wellwork's check-in and check-out feature. Set clear boundaries and stay productive while prioritizing your well-being. Export timesheets for easy analysis.

Set Goals,

Write Notes

Make the most out of your day with Wellwork's goal-setting feature. Stay focused on your priorities and track your progress with guided prompts in the Notes section. Improve productivity and reduce anxiety along the way.

Track Water Intake

Stay on top of your water intake and set daily goals with Wellwork's water tracking feature. Improve your overall well-being and productivity with this simple and effective tool.

Track Caffeine

Find your perfect caffeine balance with Wellwork's caffeine tracker. Stay within your limits and maximize the benefits of this energy chemical. Boost your productivity and sleep better with this powerful tool.

Do Breathing Exercises

Improve your mental clarity and reduce stress with Wellwork's mindful breathing exercises. Take a short 1-minute vacation from your thoughts and gain a fresh perspective. Sync your mindful minutes with Apple Health.

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